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Customer Service Representative Nestlé NEAR - Cairo, Egypt وظائف خالية : مطلوب ممثلى خدمة عملاء

Job Description

• Understand the customers contact and order methods/frequency, whilst promoting efficiency of tools to achieve error free data
• Understand system alerts indicating order, delivery, or billing/credit control issues

• Take corrective actions to resolve issues impacting order flow

• Have visibility of stock or timeliness issues impacting the demand of the customer

• Liaise with Demand Management, and communicate to the customer any impact from stock allocation or supply issues
• Manage any customer event or promotional activities in conjunction with Generating Demand

• Optimise orders where logistical efficiency is required, such as attainment of logistics trade terms, picking, pallet or vehicle allowances, or journey/route planning requirements

• Use of reason code methodology to record appropriately all changes within customer orders or deliveries

• Access or maintain information regarding service level and customer satisfaction levels

• Understand and influence the order and demand management process with the objective of reducing errors causing customer dissatisfaction, refusal or return of goods

• Resolve Claims, Returns & Refusals issues arising at the point of delivery

• Proactively monitor all stages of the Claims, Returns, and Refusals (CRR) process to ensure accurate and timely processing of all queries and CRR requests, including authorization, data integrity, physical goods collection, quality controls and financial billing


• 0-2 years of experience
• Fluency in English
• University degree in business or communications
• Result-focused
• Attention to detail
• Effective communication
• Planning and organizational capabilities
• Persistence
• Teamwork

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