Thursday, 5 September 2013

Accounting Supervisor The JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai - Dubai, UAE


Job Description

Responsible for receiving, verifying, recording and paying of all invoices and maintaining a register.
Main Responsibilities
· Obtain all invoices from Receiving Clerk, ensuring all prices and quantities agree with purchase order amount.
· Verify proper codes and signatures of appropriate Executive Committee Members & Department Head on all invoices.
· Maintain a supportive role with other departments.
· Prepare and maintain a proper filling system.
· Responsible for preparing accounts payable vouchers and printing checks and supporting documents.
· Responsible for maintaining a Cheque Register and Void Cheques Register and any other register needed for the operation and the audit purposes.
· Ensure all invoices and supporting documents are stamped with “PAID” .
· Support and Perform the month end function with the Hotel Controller.
· Maintain an approved signature register with authorized signature of each manager who is authorized to approve invoices.
· Maintain the DAPCO Days within the Marriott standard.
· Prepare at least once a year vendor audit letters as required by the SOP.
· Perform other duties as directed by the DOF and/or Hotel Controller.
· Balance petty cash with General Cashier.
· Maintain Executive expense report file.
· Reconcile the outstanding Cheques.
· Participate in the Quality improvement process.
· Maintain a close relationship with other department heads.
· Maintain all the backups related to the receivable in a separate file.


Leadership skills
English language
Training and willing to help continue the success of the property

College graduate
Administering people soft, budget & forecast financial modules (PSBF)

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