Friday, 27 September 2013

Phototherapist Arable Investment LLC - Dubai, UAE

Mike Peters 

Job Description

Administer professional phototherapy primarily to female patients combatting illness, injury, pain, chronic medical conditions, tight muscles, autoimmune distress, skin conditions, and menstrual cramping or hormonal changes (including menopause) in order to relieve discomfort, strengthen immune system, resist and expel disease, energize cells, eliminate skin irritations and replace collagen, minimize scarring from surgery or injury, and to restore (and maintain) normal body chemistry, hormonal balance, organ and systemic functions, as well as improving overall health. Be able to generally explain phototherapy and why it works.
Experience & Knowledge: Thorough understanding of human physiology, systems and organs including muscular, neural, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory and endocrine systems (possibly as a medical student or doctor). Basic understanding of conventional western medical treatment approach to treating disease and trauma. Confident yet peaceful "doctor-like" demeanor - able to relax and instill confidence in patients requiring treatment. Good communication skills.


Knowledgeable in women's health and aging, in cosmetology and ideally also as an esthetician. Experience in physical therapy, chiropractic techniques, acupuncture and / or eastern medicine methods and remedies is likewise beneficial. A rudimentary knowledge in post-op recovery from surgery is an added plus.

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