Sunday, 24 November 2013

Customer Services Analyst United Arab Shipping Company - Dubai, UAE

Job Description

- Carry out detailed evaluations of customer facing processes, procedures and systems in the UASC Agency Organisation in order to ensure optimum service levels and cost effectiveness
- For all customer facing processes in UASC, carry out the documentation, review and update of such processes, procedures and business systems within the UASC Agencies (and where relevant Shared Service Centres), and ensure that they meet the agreed UASC standards

- Review processes to ensure they are standardised as far as possible across the UASC agency network, and that best practice is adopted throughout the network.

- Compile reports of agency performance (using KPIs provided by Cluster Management) and investigate performance issues arising to draw to the attention of the Head of Customer Services and E-Commerce

- Compile reports of service level performance by SSCs, in comparison with agreed service levels, and draw any deficiencies to the attention of the Head of Customer Services

- Carry out specific investigations on process improvement, and/or investigations into offshoring potential as requested

- Review the integration of e-commerce products into UASC’s processes, and ensure that the use of these products optimise the service to customers, and realise efficiency benefits for UASC.

- Successful completion of all agreed process investigations/reviews- Reports of performance by agents and SSCs compiled as required


Minimum Qualifications:
- University degree

Minimum Experience:
- 5 years experience in process analysis (agency experience is an advantage)

Job-Specific Skills:
- Knowledge of shipping industry
- Analytical skills

- Leadership (capacity to convince)
- Work in multicultural environment
- Develop others
- Process orientation


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